What my clients say...

Xave - Brilltastico Kids, Richmond

"We, at Brilltastico Kids, were delighted with Sofia's excellent design capability, meticulous attention to detail, flexibility, efficiency and for keeping us informed of developments every step of the way in the setting up of our website." 


Clifford White - Creative Director/Founder -  21st Century Media , St. Albans

Clifford White - Creative Director/Founder - 21st Century Media, St. Albans

Sofia is an excellent virtual PA: enthusiastic, organised and consistent. She mastered our system quickly and her existing web and IT knowledge was invaluable.


Desiree Ferrari - Breathing Facilitator/founder - Breathe Botswana

Web Designer PA/VA. We have been working with Sofia for over a year, she is super efficient always available and up for any challenges. She is Very Reliable, Relentless, Creative, Passionate ,Honourable and loves supporting people & bringing their ideas to life.She is a wonderful PA/VA and a great asset to us, Coming highly recommend. Keep up the good work...




What the people I worked with say...

Irina-Raluca Geangali-Little, Administrator at Adsum Consulting SRL

"I had the pleasure to meet and work with Sofia Deus several years ago, while she was Assistant at the Advertising Standards Authority in London. We were in touch often. Although long distance, our contact was quite extensive. Sofia was looking over a large palette of activities among which organising events, taking care of logistics, making sure, overall, of the good running of the activity at hand. She proved her pleasant communication skills over and again. Sofia is a hard worker, someone reliable and caring. Everything she does she filters through her kind nature. Getting to know her better can only enhance her professional performance."


Priscilla Owusu - Marketing Executive at the Advertising Standards Authority

"I worked with Sofia at the Advertising Standards Authority on an internal staff event. Sofia is great to work with, she's efficient, organised, highly creative and injects a sense of fun and professionalism into her work."

Julia Lee Dean - Writer, Editor & English Language Trainer

I worked with Sofia from 2006 to 2012 During my time at the ASA. While we did not have daily contact, she was, as PA to the Director, an essential part of the workings of the ASA and she was always a joy to work with. My contact with Sofia usually came about when I have to prepare a case for Independent Review something which I found rather stressful because it was a rare procedure, considered to be of the highest importance and, in consequence, the paperwork had to be got together very quickly. However, Sofia always demonstrated, not only a thorough understanding of what was required, an ability to respond to all my questions (some of which she had heard before) with patience and humour. She was the face of humanity amid all the bureaucracy and I always went away knowing that I had left everything in very safe hands. She was an excellent person to have around the office; she had time for everyone and is one of the few people I have kept in touch with since not only my departure from the ASA but also my subsequent emigration.