Let my Web Design Services help your business stand out


  • Bring your business message to life

  • Guide you on how to purchase a domain

  • Website design/set up/writing/SEO/editing

  • Do unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy with your website

  • Website design from £25.00 per hour (please contact me to discuss)

  • Website management (updates, price changes, add/remove info and pictures) from £25.00 per month.

Let me explain:

The cost of a first website will roughly be:

Domain name and hosting - £0.99-£50
Simple design work – £300-£600
Ongoing costs - £10-£50 per month

Overall cost - £400-£770

The cost of a small business website will roughly be:

Domain name and hosting - £0.99-£50
Design work – £500-£800
Programming - ongoing costs - £60-£100 per month

Overall cost - £800-£1,200

Please note: these prices depend on the size and complexity of your site. If your site is for eCommerce or for a dedicated on-line business, then prices can increase due to the cost of the software required.

A natural progression from a first website is a small business website, which is usually between 10-20 pages, has limited functionality and needs very few, if any, plugins. These types of website are suitable for those wishing to redesign or refresh a first website, or are ready to develop a dedicated on-line presence or eCommerce shop. For on-line stores, I use platforms like Squarespace or Wordpress.

Important details to consider:

  • How many pages or sections do you need?

  • What functionality do you need – picture gallery? eCommerce?

  • What is the scope for future development?

  • What graphics or stock images do you need?

  • Will it be mobile responsive?

Still unsure? Please contact me for a 30 minute no obligation chat on 07427 616 964.


Below you can see some of my work (including Sofiasticatedvsa)

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